Mix: Memorial Day, Eucalyptus, Cartier, IP infringement

As it is Memorial Day in the United States, iLounge will be on a limited publishing schedule today, May 25, 2009. Our Discussion Forums are hopping right now with iPod and iPhone Q&As and much more, so if you haven’t visited before, today would be a great chance to do so.

After initially rejecting the Eucalyptus e-book reader application last week, Apple contacted the developer on Sunday asking to have the app resubmitted for approval.

Following its resubmission, Eucalytpus was quickly approved and is available for sale in the App Store for $10.

On Friday, Cartier International filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that two applications available on the App Store infringed on the trademark for their Tank watches. The lawsuit was withdrawn a few hours later after the applications in question had been removed from the App Store and Cartier acknowledged that its concerns had been addressed.

[via Reuters]

Another example of intellectual property infringement has appeared on the App Store recently, however, in the form of a game titled Luigi vs. Pac (iTunes Link), a pong-style game that pits Pac-Man against Mario, borrowing themes and graphics generously from both the Pac-Man and Mario Bros series of games. It remains unclear how or why Apple continues to approve titles that obviously infringe on well-known brands, including ones from its partner developers such as Namco; a lack of proper app reviewer training or clear infringement standards appear to be to blame.