Mix: Best Buy, They Might be Giants, Audio menus, Rapid Repair

Best Buy is offering a Mother’s Day gift set featuring a pink or silver 4GB iPod nano and a variety of chocolates. “This special gift set pairs mom’s love of music with her love of chocolate and wraps them in a charming, polka-dotted box inspired by the prism of iPod nano colors and the retro design that is all the rage this spring.” The gift set is now available at Best Buy stores for $215.

They Might Be Giants have announced that their new album, “The Else,” will be an iTunes exclusive for nearly two months. The album will be released in stores on July 10th, but will be available from the iTunes Store starting May 15th.

Engineers at the University of Toronto and Microsoft Research are working on audio menus for portable media players. “The researchers have designed an auditory menu technique—called earPod—that provides audio feedback when a person drags his or her finger around the touch pad,” reports Technology Review. “Although it’s not ready to replace the expansive menus on real iPods, the results are encouraging, says Patrick Baudisch, a research scientist at Microsoft Research, in Seattle, who worked on the project.”

iPodMods has changed its name to Rapid Repair. “This name change is due to an expanding support base, now including the Zune,” said the company. “We have not forgotten about the iPod though, and will be offering repairs and mods on the iPhone when it is released.”

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