Mix: Motorola, iPod add-ons, Vending machines, Tokyo ads

In response to criticism that its iTunes-enabled ROKR phone holds only 100 songs, Motorola told CNN/Money that future phones may hold more songs. The company said in a statement, “Motorola has a great partnership with Apple… A whole family of music phones is on the way—some might hold more than 100-songs.”

One iLounge reader has snapped a couple photos of a prototype Kubrick holder for the iPod shuffle. “No longer content to merely clutch your iPod, these poseable Kubrick figures can now serve as the USB dock for your Shuffle. Your Shuffle slots into the top of the figure, becoming the figure’s head.”

PC Magazine has an article on the Zoom Systems airport vending machines that sell gadgets such as iPods. “Apple’s iPod has been a rather lucrative channel for Zoom Systems. The company has phased out the iPod Mini, although the Shuffle and Nano versions are currently available (forget the brutal airport mark-ups) at street price. In addition, Zoom plans to introduce the new video iPod.”

The Cult of Mac blog documents a set of Flickr photos showing a large section of iPod nano ads in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. “As part of their rather unique advertising campaign, huge iPod nano posters now adorn the platform walls of Toyoko Line Shibuya Station. As you depart the train you’ll be faced with a stream after stream of 1:1 iPod nano cutouts, in which you can pull off and take home.”

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