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Motorola CEO Ed Zander says carriers aren’t balking at his company’s iTunes mobile phone. “There is no resistance on anybody’s part,” Zander said. “I don’t know where these rumors got started.” He said it will be out in “a couple of more months.”

Mike Davidson has announced his second iPod shuffle contest, “Great iPods in History.” The aim of the contest is to “place a shuffle into notable historical context. You can modify famous photos, upload audio narratives, shoot video, or even design a mini-site.”

Rush Limbaugh will begin offering podcasts of his daily show on June 3 to members of “Rush 24/7” ($49.95 annually). [via PaidContent.org]

Students in Scotland will be rewarded with iPods and Xbox video game consoles for eating healthy foods under the country’s first incentive plan for school meals.

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal says Yahoo’s new music service is good, but iTunes is the way to go “if you love your iPod and want to collect music whose longevity doesn’t depend on paying a subscription fee years into the future.”

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