Mix: Motorola, Nissan, iPod addict, iTunes.exe

Motorola will hold a media event on Monday, July 25, where the company says CEO Ed Zander will unveil “what’s wow and what’s now.” The long-awaited iTunes-compatible phone could be released at the event.

Nissan is now offering a car navigation system with a built-in iPod adapter in Japan that “gives drivers in-car control of their iPods through its 7-inch touch screen display.” The 315,000 yen option also offers Nissan’s Carwings telematics service and CD/MD/DVD playback.

“[The iPod] is probably the coolest thing in the world right now. A boy’s toy that’s also a girl’s toy. A toy I’ve become utterly obsessed with,” says GQ editor Dylan Jones in The Daily Mirror. “My whole life is here, 40GB of memory, 30 years of memories. Every song I’ve ever cared about is in here somewhere, waiting in its chosen spot, hugging the wall until it’s chosen to dance. Not only has the iPod changed the way I listen to music, it has changed my life, too

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