Mix: Music pricing, MP3 player inventor, The Onion, OSU

The New York Post claims that the record industry “may be abandoning its demand for iTunes to charge different prices for different songs.” The Post reports that “negotiations between Apple and the four major music companies… have reached a crucial point as several record executives now say they are unlikely to convince Jobs to allow variable pricing.”

British inventor Kane Kramer says he created the world’s first digital music player in 1979, but lost his patents in the late 1980’s. Kramer is now consulting lawyers to see whether he has any claim to the design and technology behind current MP3 players.
The Onion has a humorous satire piece on Apple offering consumers the ability to buy their own home movies from the iTunes Music Store for $1.99 each. “Ladies and gentlemen, the future of home-video viewing is now,” the publication quotes Apple CEO Steve Jobs as saying. “As soon as you record that precious footage of your daughter’s first steps, you’ll be able to buy it right back from iTunes and download it directly to your computer and video iPod.”

Oregon State University is the latest college to join Apple’s iTunes U program. “Our deal with Apple will give us the opportunity to podcast lectures and other things,” said Todd Simmons, assistant vice president of OSU News and Communications Services.

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