Mix: Nano economy, Unlocks, Verizon, Toys R Us

Commomwealth Bank of Australia has used the 4GB model of the third-generation iPod nano to compare global currencies and purchasing power in 55 countries, reports Reuters. The survey found that Brazilians pay the most ($369.61) for the device, while Hong Kong edged out the U.S. as the cheapest place ($148.12) to buy the player.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has issued a research note claiming that 10 percent of all iPhones sold in September were purchased specifically to be unlocked. Munster wrote, “In late September we spent 12 hours counting iPhone, iPod and Mac sales in Apple stores across the country. During our store checks we noticed many people buying iPhones in the maximum 5 per customer allotments, which we believe were being purchased to be unlocked and operated on carriers other than AT&T”.

Verizon Wireless this week rolled out three new cell phones for the holiday season, including the LG Voyager, a touch screen-equipped mobile meant to compete with the iPhone. In describing the device, Verizon Wireless Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lanman said, “We think it’ll be the best phone … this year. It will kill the iPhone.”

The iPod touch is expected to be one of the most popular toys this holiday season, according to toy retailer Toys R Us.