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NBC has announced the launch of its new video service NBC Direct, which allows users to download and watch the network’s primetime and late-night programming for up to one week after broadcast. The service is currently Windows-only; future versions are to support Macs and “portable devices.”

A new version of Navizon Virtual GPS has been released for iPhone, which triangulates a user’s position from Wi-Fi access points and cellular towers, then sends that information to the phone’s Google Maps application. The application is not currently supported by Apple — it requires a “jailbreak” of the iPhone for installation. It is available as a 15 day trial; a full license is $25.

Asked the question “Is unlocking a concern?” at the company’s “Mum” special event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs responded, “It’s a constant cat and mouse game—we have the same thing with the iPod with music.” Jobs then looked at O2 CEO Matthew Key, asking, “Are we the cat or mouse? We have to stay one step ahead of them.”

Korean telecom company KTF is negotiating with Apple to sell the iPhone in South Korea, according to KTF’s CEO Cho Young-chu. “We have been trying to bring the iPhone here, but we have to wait,” Cho said. “The deal is up to the supplier [Apple], not us. Because the (Korean) market is so small, they will not release it until they have confidence in its marketability here.”

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