Mix: NFL on iPhone, iPod fire, 3GS speed, CopyTrans Manager

DirecTV has revealed that customers who sign up for the company’s NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan package will be able to watch live NFL games on their iPhone during the upcoming season. According to the service’s NFL Sunday Ticket page, the Supercast Mobile application will over live streaming video, highlights, scores and game status updates, and instant stats; live streaming of games will be subject to local blackout restrictions. While the app will be free and will run over both Wi-Fi and 3G, users will be required to sign up for the company’s $280 NFL Sunday Ticket package, as well as the $100 SuperFan subscription. [via Business Insider]

An iPod is suspected to be the cause of a recent car fire in Sweden. According to a Hallandsposten report (Translated Link), the remains of the iPod were found in the car’s seat, near where the fire is believed to have started. The device has yet to be officially named as the cause of the blaze, however, and the exact model of the iPod is currently unknown. [via Engadget]

iPhone developer John Casasanta of tap tap tap has found that the 256MB of RAM found in the iPhone 3GS, double that of the iPhone and iPhone 3G’s 128MB, can actually provide up to nine times the available memory. Using the $1 application Memory Status, Casasanta found that the 3GS had 156 MB of memory available after startup compared to just under 40MB on the 3G, but that after opening, using, and quitting a group of several apps—including Safari, which stays open—the difference was increased, with the 3GS offering 122MB of available memory to just 13MB on the iPhone 3G.

Wind Solutions has released a new version of its CopyTrans Manager iPod and iPhone content organizer that is compatible with both the iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3.0. CopyTrans Manager allows users to add music, videos, and other media to the iPod and iPhone, organize and edit playlists and track information, play songs directly from the device on the PC, and remove tracks and playlists from the iPod or iPhone. CopyTrans Manager requires Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, and is available now as a free download.

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