Mix: Norway, ViddyUp, Cell phones, One Man Band

Apple has until June 21 to change the terms of conditions of its iTunes Music Store in Norway. “If Apple does not make its songs playable on all music devices by June 21, it faces fines which would then be followed by court action,” according to reports.

The developer of Podner, the iPod video conversion application for Mac OS X, has changed the software’s name to ViddyUp. The app also gains SubRip (SRT) subtitle support, more informative error display and minor appearance tweaks.
A recent survey, commissioned by handset maker Nokia, found that 67% of those questioned expect their cell phone to replace their MP3 player. The survey also found that 44% of people use their phones as their main camera.

One Man Band,” Pixar’s new short film from the recently released “Cars” movie, is now available from the iTunes Music Store for $1.99. The short tells the “humorous and heartwarming story of two rival street performers, Bass and Treble, who vie for the attentions (and coin) of a young peasant girl, Tippy.”

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