Ecamm Network has introduced PadSync, its new iPad file management tool for Mac. PadSync offers a standalone application for managing iPad files on an app-by-app basis, automatically mirroring the files on the iPad, allowing users to edit and save documents for later synchronization to the iPad, add files to be synced to the iPad, automatic change detection to keep documents up to date, and a simple drag-and-drop interface. Ecamm’s PadSync requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later and the latest version of iTunes, and sells for $10; a free seven-day trial is also available.

YouTube user themadhacker2 has uploaded a video demonstrating an iPod nano that has been modified to interface with any 8-track player. Hardwired into an old 8-track cartridge, the nano offers full access to its library, and the user has also added a headphone jack and USB port to the end of the cartridge to allow for “on-the-go” listening and charging of the device, respectively. [via Engadget]

PhotoFast, a company known for its flash memory-related goods, has demonstrated a new iPad-compatible webcam solution. Pocket-link reports that the demonstration unit is actually a Microsoft webcam that has been modified to connect to the iPad’s 30-pin port, and works with instant messaging services for 640 x 480 video conferencing. PhotoFast hopes to have its final product out later this year; the company is also working on a memory card reader/dock that will allow access to the connected memory card via an app, but no pricing or release date was mentioned.

SquareTrade has launched an updated two-year iPhone protection plan offering same-day turn around on most repairs for $124. According to the company, the plan covers against drops, spills, and normal usage failures for two years, with a $50 deductible applied to some claims. If the company can’t fix the iPhone, it will pay a cash claim, up to $599 depending on the model. Curiously, both 32GB and 64GB “iPhone 4G” models are listed in the iPhone model drop down menu, allowing users to purchase insurance on their fourth-generation model before it’s even been announced. For a limited time, SquareTrade’s iPhone protection plan is available for $99; for more information, visit the company’s website. [via Mac Rumors]

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