Mix: Peggle, Ice iPod, nano GPS, Wembley

PopCap has revealed that its long-awaited iPhone version of Peggle will be released on May 12. Joystiq reports that the game has yet to be priced, but suggests the game may come in at $5-$6.

An iPod discovered in a block of ice has apparently survived its time in the cold. Blogger Andrew Robulack of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada recently found an iPod classic emerging from some freshly melting ice, and estimates the hard disk-based device had been in the ice since early winter. He claims it booted up right away, and apart from a few scratches, nicks, and condensation underneath the screen cover, is in perfect working order. Robulack is giving the iPod’s owner a week to contact him, after which he plans to keep the device for himself.

A former employee of the now-defunct GPS company Nemerix has posted details on how a first-generation iPod nano could be rigged to display information from one of the company’s low-power GPS chips. The mod consists of a reference design board containing a Nemerix GPS with an Atmel ATMEGA324 micro-controller, and uses the iPod’s AiR mode, which allowed developers to send a 4-color picture to the iPod and display it on the screen. The end result was able to display both latitude and longitude coordinates, along with satellite signal strength indicators. Notably, however, Apple shut off accessory access to the screens of later iPod nano and classic models, making an accessory like this all but impossible. [via Engadget]

British singer-songwriter Gary Go has announced that he will be perform upcoming events at Wembley Stadium using nothing but his iPhone. Go, who will be supporting Take That at the events scheduled for July 1, 4, and 5, also used a four-track recording studio app to create all the demos for his album. “At this point it’s quite hard to think of something I don’t use the phone for,” said Go. “For songwriters it’s an amazing tool as I always have it with me. I used to phone myself and leave messages to remember ideas. Now I can record real tracks in the park – it’s great… I think it’s pretty amazing that I’m going to be using a mobile phone on stage at Wembley Stadium in front of so many people. I grew up behind the stadium, and used to listen to concerts in my back garden,” he added. “My biggest worry is that my phone will ring mid-song.”

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