Mix: QuickTours, Connect, USA Today, Survey


Apple has added three new QuickTours to the Technology section of the iPhone’s mini-site. The new videos, which help explain features like Multi-touch, OS X, and the iPhone’s sensors, use 3D views of the device to illustrate its capabilities.

Sony will soon be closing its Connect online music and video service, according to a PaidContent.org report. Around 20 jobs are being phased out as a result, the remaining group will be devoted to the Playstation platform.

USA Today, continuing its 25th anniversary celebration, has placed iPod+iTunes sixth in its list of the Top 25 Music Milestones from the last 25 years. File-sharing service Napster was number one.

A new survey done by Seattle-based analyst firm M:Metrics shows that more than 19 million US subscribers and almost 7 million UK subscribers have “strong interest” in buying an iPhone. The results, taken from samples of 11,060 and 5,293 respectively, equate to 9% of the US market and 16% of the UK market.

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