Mix: Radio Shack, Racetrack, TouchBrowser, Language support

A Radio Shack flier circulated this weekend featured an image of a jailbroken iPod touch. The picture shows both the Installer.app and MobileChat (an instant messaging application) icons, programs that are found only on jailbroken units.

Scientists from IBM have announced a new storage technology called “racetrack,” which would enable a device such as an iPod to hold about half a million songs, or 3,500 films, and cost less to produce. In addition, the new technology, which uses the “spin” of an electron to store data, would require much less power, running on a single charge for “weeks at a time,” and would last for decades. According to IBM, the technology is still in the “exploratory” stage; it expects products based on the technology to be available within ten years.

TouchBrowser, a new Windows Mobile application from Makayama Software, aims to bring an iPhone-like browsing experience to Pocket Internet Explorer. The application allows users to scroll through a web page using only their finger, introduces finger-friendly keyboards for entering URLs and searches, and more. TouchBrowser is available now for $15; a video demo can be seen here.

Apple plans to expand the iPhone’s language support, based on new files found in the latest version of the iPhone 2.0 beta firmware (5A240d). In addition to pre-existing languages including French, Russian, English, Italian, and German, the new firmware introduces support for Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Korean, and Portuguese.

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