Mix: Reportage, iPhone security benchmark, WiFi Cafe Spots, iPhone patents

WhereCloud has announced its new application, Reportage described as a “radically different” Twitter client for the iPhone. Instead of the traditional timeline view, Reportage lays out a Twitter feed using a radio paradigm, with friends appearing as “radio stations” that you can “tune in to.” Reportage is $3 and is available from the App Store.

The nonprofit Center for Internet Security yesterday released a consensus security benchmark for the iPhone aimed at helping IT managers and users reduce the risk of stored data being compromised. This free benchmark takes users through more a series of more than 20 simple recommendations for iPhone settings and iPhone Configuration Utility policies that can help to improve security and reduce the chances of a remote attack.

The iPhone benchmark applies to iPhone OS v2.2.1 and the iPhone Configuration Utility v1.1.043. [via Computerworld]

A new application, WiFi Cafe Spots provides a database of over 14,000 cafes and restaurants with free Wi-Fi access. The database includes locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, and is stored directly on the iPhone or iPod touch so that it can be used without requiring Internet access. The app supports location-based services to find a Wi-Fi hotspot near the present location or users can search by city or postal code.

WiFi Cafe Spots is $3 and is available from the App Store.

Apple has won another iPhone-related patent, this time for the original iPhone’s casing design, highlighting elements such as a divided construction and the top and bottom ports. Assorted speakers, buttons, and the position of the camera can also be seen in the patent diagrams. Several individuals are credited for the work, including Apple’s lead designer Jonathan Ive and CEO Steve Jobs.