Mix: Revirginizer, Jailbreak, Bitrates


The iPhone Elite Dev Team has released a free Revirginizing Tool for iPhone that is able to repair phones that were “bricked” during the 1.1.1 update process, allowing these users to restore their devices, and safely upgrade to the latest version.

A new “instant Jailbreak” has been developed for the iPhone and iPod touch, making installation of third-party native applications a much simpler process. To access the jailbreak, visit jailbreakme.com from an iPhone or iPod touch, and click on the “Install AppSnapp” link. Once completed, Installer.app, a third-party application installer, will be present on your device’s home screen.

A small number of iTunes users are reporting problems with the bitrates of iTunes downloads and imports following the installation of Apple’s newly-released Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system. It appears that Leopard uses different criteria when determining the bitrate of songs, which is causing some downloads to show different bitrates than expected. An inspection of older iTunes purchases using Leopard showed similar variances in bitrate, suggesting that the differences in bitrate are not new, but are instead being reported differently, if not more accurately, in OS X 10.5.

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