The Recording Industry Association of America has sued XM Satellite Radio, alleging that its Pioneer-manufactured Inno device infringes on copyrights because it can save and playback music from XM stations.

Snubbing the iTunes Music Store, Fox is now selling downloads of performances from “American Idol” on the show’s official website. Video downloads sell for $1.99, while audio downloads cost 99 cents.
Analysts see Creative Technology’s patent lawsuit against Apple as not helping the company in the long run. “Creative’s suit against Apple may bring relief to the share price in the short term, but in the long term, it will distract and divert management attention and company resources when both are needed to turn around the ailing business,” said Kim Eng Securities analyst Gregory Yap.

A group of organized thieves stole 39 iPods from a Best Buy in Lynnwood, Washington. “Some of the thieves distracted employees while others broke locks on two cabinets where the electronics were stored. They loaded the music players into shopping carts, concealed them under their clothing and walked out while someone stayed behind to distract clerks at the front of the store.”

LC Angell

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