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Another method of creating free iPhone ringtones from standard AAC files has been discovered by the same MacRumors forum member who found the original method last week. The new process is currently slightly more technical, but appears to be more dependable.

Roth Capital’s Jay Srivatsa claims that an audio codec chip from Cirrus Logic has been designed into the iPod classic, replacing a part from Wolfson Microelectronics, reports Barron’s.

HTC CEO Peter Chou, while praising the iPhone’s multi-touch interface, blasted the handset’s design in an interview with BusinessWeek. “The iPhone design is very beautiful,” Chou said. “However, the phone design is quite weak; it’s very, very basic.” He went on to say that HTC’s understanding of the different needs of cellular operators and the company’s ability to tweak its handsets as necessary gives HTC “a huge advantage.”

SendStation has announced a new black version of its popular SendStation Dock Extender. It comes with a matching Universal Dock insert, three interchangeable bumper caps to accommodate various iPod models, and is available now for $29.

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