Mix: Russian iPhone sales, Knock-off iPods, AT&T iPhone stock, DSLR remote

According to several reports, three of Russia’s mobile operators could be looking at significant contract penalties for failing to sell through their iPhone allotments. Three Russian carriers have committed to sell over one million iPhones a piece, while currently only 900,000 iPhones in total have been imported into the country. [via Engadget]

Apple Switzerland has threatened legal action against a Swiss Insurance company which gave 1,200 cheap Chinese knockoff 2G iPod shuffles to executives attending the Swiss Economic Forum. Among those in attendance who received the fake iPods was Adrian Schmucki, General Manager of Apple Switzerland AG. [via Cult of Mac]

AppleInsider reports that AT&T is also running short on new iPhone 3G units and has begun to offer refurbished units for sale instead.

onOne software has announced the submission of their DSLR Remote to the iTunes App Store. The DSLR remote provides control of certain tethered Canon EOS DSLRs from an iPhone or iPod touch device. The DSLR Remote app will be available in two versions: the $20 “Professional” version will initially be offered for $10 and will provide full control of your camera settings from your iPhone or iPod touch, as well as providing a live stream of a Live View-compatible camera’s viewfinder. A $2 “Lite” version will also be available, and useful only to fire the shutter.

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