Mix: Safari Distribution, MySpace Music, EverGreen, ToneShop

Apple recently began distributing version 3.1 of its Safari web browser to Windows users via its Software Update application, which it also uses to update iTunes and QuickTime. While company spokesperson Bill Evans said Apple was “using Software Update to make it easy and convenient for both Mac and Windows users to get the latest Safari update,” the decision to offer the software as an “update,” even to users who had not previously installed Safari, has raised concerns among some users. Mozilla CEO John Lilly wrote on his blog, “What Apple is doing now with their Apple Software Update on Windows is wrong. It undermines the trust relationship great companies have with their customers, and that’s bad — not just for Apple, but for the security of the whole Web.”

According to a New York Post report, MySpace is nearing deals with Sony BMG and Warner Music Group to launch a digital music venture. Citing multiple anonymous sources, the report claims that no money is expected to change hands in the deal, with the labels instead taking minority equity stakes in MySpace Music, with the possibility of receiving a portion of the advertising revenue MySpace owner News Corp. plans to generate with the service. MySpace Music is expected to offer a mix of pay-per-download and ad-supported video and audio. [via Cnet]

EverGreen Electronics has announced that it is expanding its iPod Recycling Program worldwide. “There has been such a rush of interest from the global community about our iPod Recycling Program that we felt that expanding it was our only option” reports Richard Hauf, CEO of EverGreen Electronics. “Keeping brominated compounds and other potentially-hazardous components, which are found in iPods and iPhones, out of landfills around the globe is an important part of our mission at EverGreen Electronics.”

Techlogg.com has released a new version of its ToneShop ringtone utility for Windows, which now features the ability to create iPhone-compatible ringtone files. ToneShop can create ringtones in MP3, standard AAC , WAV, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MMF, and now Apple iPhone M4R formats. ToneShop Build 9 is available now as a free download.

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