Mix: Samsung, nano hacking, Kanye West, nano praise

Samsung has introduced a new high-capacity flash memory chip that could “let Apple and other makers of portable electronic devices pack more data into less failure-prone gadgets,” reports the AP. “The 16-gigabit NAND flash memory chip, equivalent to 2 gigabytes of storage, doubles a chip Samsung introduced last September.”

Make magazine has posted an article on how to hack the iPod nano. “The new iPod nano is out and while it’s not as hackable (yet) as it’s older cousins, you can do a few things like change the text strings, mod the font and even change the graphics (sorta). Here’s How to mod a pod, a work in progress for the iPod nano.”

Apple has reportedly cut the Kanye West performance from the QuickTime stream of its special event in San Francisco.

“The iPod nano is the slickest of the already-slick iPod model lineup. The pictures don’t do it justice,” says Mike Wendland for the Detroit Free Press. “You have to hold it in your hand. It is so slim—about the width of a No. 2 pencil—that the first reaction of everyone I have shown it to has been, “Whoa!” Or something very similar.”

From an engineering and design standpoint, the nano is truly a marvel,” writes Larry Magid for CBS News. “Apple took advantage of advances in both memory and battery technology to build an incredibly small music player. Compared to the mini it replaces, about the only downside I can think of is that the nano’s small size will make it easier to lose and break.”

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