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A screenshot taken from Apple’s iPhone Software Roadmap event shows a search icon in the iPhone’s Contacts screen. The icon, which appears at the top of the alphabet, is similar to that of Apple’s Spotlight search icon. Interestingly, the icon appeared on a screenshot shown during the presentation, but was absent from the menu during a demo.

Stereophile has posted a guide to the effects of CD to 128Kbps Fraunhöfer MP3 and AAC format conversion, showing audible and inaudible areas of the audio spectrum that are impacted by CD ripping. After showing how certain audio data is artificially accentuated or lost during encoding, the guide recommends lossless encoding for critical listeners, as it is the only format that preserves an original CD’s sound image bit for bit. [Thanks, Jon]

Ever Green Electronics has launched what it bills as a “100% environmentally sustainable” iPod and iPhone repair and recycling service. “Not only do we offer the best prices in iPod repair, fast service, and an unparalleled recycling program we have taken the steps necessary to be a certified green company,” said Richard Hauf, CEO of EverGreen Electronics. “We see the importance of having incredible customer service while championing the care of the environment. With nearly 200 million iPods and iPhones in circulation, keeping toxins out of our water and landfills is an important part of business today and we are committed to creating sustainable business practices.”

Scott Huang, vice president of mobile communications with Samsung Taiwan, has reportedly resigned his post, and will soon begin working for Apple Taiwan. It is currently unclear what position Huang might fill at Apple.

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