Mix: Searches, iPod mini competitors, Sirius, Citibank

According to data released by America Online, the iPod, Britney Spears, Ugg boots, and Paris Hilton top this year’s Internet searches.

In a New York Times article, David Pogue takes a look at four iPod mini competitors from Dell, Rio, Creative and Virgin. Unsurprisingly, he concludes that Apple’s device is still king.

April Horace, a Janco Partners analyst, said the rumored iPod with Sirius satellite radio support is technologically unfeasible right now. “I don’t believe Sirius’ chip set is at the point where it can go into an iPod. It’s the size of a credit card, and an iPod would need a chip set the size of a thumb nail,” she said.

Citibank is offering a free iPod mini to anyone who opens an EZ Checking account, fund it with $2,500, and pay two bills online each month for 12 consecutive calendar months.

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