Mix: Short films, Fanning/Rosso, H.264, Qualcomm

Apple has added five Academy Award-nominated live-action short films, episodes of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” and a free “Top Chef” trailer to the iTunes Music Store.

Shawn Fanning and Wayne Rosso—the creator of Napster and former president of Grokster, respectively—have teamed up and plan to take on the iTunes Music Store this summer.

StreamingMedia.com has released a new research report that compares RealVideo and Windows Media with top Flash and H.264 codecs. It says “the quality of the best Flash and H.264 codecs still trailed RealVideo, often by a significant margin.”

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs said on Monday that he believes it makes sense for Apple to create a wireless iPod. Jacobs noted that while he talks to Apple “every so often” he does not have any insight into the company’s plans.

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