Mix: Space, iGames, iPod factory, CinemaNow

Anousheh Ansari—the first female space tourist, as well as the first female Muslim and Iranian in space—says she took her iPod with her and listened to it on the International Space Station.

BusinessWeek speculates that Apple has its eye on living room gaming.

“Maybe the advent of iGames, the introduction of iTV, and the application for a patent covering handhelds with more than one touch-sensitive region are really the sawing sounds of building a new… Trojan… Apple.”
Bloomberg News columnist Andy Mukherjee questions the impact of working conditions at the Foxconn iPod factory. “The biggest winners will be the Chinese workers and their families.

Millions of Asians have fed the American craving for consumer goods and crawled out of poverty within one generation, as the Hon Hai workers in China surely will.”

Online movie service CinemaNow will offer a “download-to-burn” version of The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift that customers can download and copy onto a blank DVD the same day it is available in stores.