Swedish music streaming service Spotify is planning to launch an application for the iPhone and iPod touch, and has already submitted it to the App Store for approval, reports BBC News. Spotify is a streaming music service offering millions of songs, and offers both free, ad-supported service and a premium service that costs £9.99, or roughly $16.50, a month that removes all advertisements. The company’s iPhone application is designed to be used with the premium plan, and would allow users to create a playlist of songs to listen to and then temporarily store it on the device for playback without the need for an Internet connection. Apple has yet to approve the application.

Windows antivirus software AVG sent out a database update over the weekend that caused problems for many iTunes users. AppleInsider reports that the update mistakenly viewed iTunes library files as Trojan viruses, placing them in quarantine. “Unfortunately, a recent virus database update resulted in iTunes being detected as a Trojan by AVG security products,” said AVG. “We can confirm that it was a false alarm. AVG immediately released a new virus database update (definition file 270.13.29/2260) that corrected this issue.”

Social Gaming Networks’ F.A.S.T. aerial dogfight game for the iPhone and iPod touch has generated more than $1 million in download fees for the company, TechCrunch reports. SGN has changed the price of the game several times since its release in early June, starting the title off at $10 but lowering down as far as $2, which remains its current price point. The report also states that the company plans to add in-game purchases of weapons and jet upgrades in a future version.

Toshiba is expected to ramp up its NAND flash production to 90% of its capacity next month, possibly in response to a large order from Apple. DigiTimes reports that despite the production increase, Toshiba has told other interested parties that its supply will be limited, suggesting that the majority of the new chips will go to a larger partner. Apple executives announced during the latest conference call that the company had made a $500 million prepayment to Toshiba for NAND flash, and the company’s seasonal release of new iPods has in the past prompted flash shortages, however, it is unclear whether the entirety of this NAND flash order is for iPod models or for some yet-unannounced flash-based product. [via Mac Rumors]

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