Mix: Steampunk mini, touch robot, Pre launch, Deer Hunter 3D

Canadian illustrator Neal Bridgens has created a steampunk case for his iPod mini. The unique case was made by hand from copper and brass, and features a hinged top for taking the iPod in and out of the case, oak front and back panels, and openings for the Click Wheel, screen, headphone jack, and Dock Connector. [via Cult of Mac]

A Japanese robotics enthusiast has created a humanoid robot with an iPod touch that acts as the robot’s face, brain, interface, and sensors. The iPod touch is connected to “Robochan” via the 30-pin connector, and is controlled using a custom application. [via TUAW]

Palm is expected to start selling its new Palm Pre smartphone the first week in June, placing the device’s launch extremely close to the beginning of Apple’s WWDC conference. Announced in January, the Pre offers many iPhone OS-like features, a 3.1-inch 480×320 touchscreen with dedicated gesture area below, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and will be exclusive to Sprint at launch. Palm hired former Apple senior vice president Jon Rubenstein to develop its next-generation software and hardware in October 2007, with the Pre likely representing the first evidence of these efforts. Update: Palm has announced that the Pre will go on sale June 6 and will sell for $200 with a two-year contract after mail-in rebate.

Glu Mobile has released its Deer Hunter 3D game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Based on Atari’s Deer Hunter franchise, the hunting simulation game features two play modes, unlockable weapons, accessories, and skills, seven types of realistic animals, a virtual trophy room, and 27 different locations with changing seasons and weather conditions. Deer Hunter 3D is available now from the App Store and sells for $6.

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