Mix: Jobs, U2 switch, iPod Soufflé, Trademarks, Errol Morris

Stanford University has posted the transcript of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ commencement speech. Jobs offers three very interesting and heartfelt stories from his life.

iLounger Francis Real has posted details on how to put a faceplate from a U2 iPod onto a 30GB iPod photo.

iPod Soufflé is a site that shows you how many iPod shuffles you could get in exchange for certain items or dollar amounts such as Donald Trump’s net worth, a year’s supply of Twinkies, or the US national debt. The site also lets visitors add their own. [via Airbag]

Apple recently applied for several new trademarks, including one for “iPod Socks.”

Well known director Errol Morris revealed in an interview that he is filming new commercials for Apple that will be set in an Ames room.

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