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DigiTimes is reporting that the iPod nano is forcing price cuts of non-brand name MP3 players in Taiwan. Vendors have reduced their retail prices by 10-20% for 512MB models and 20-35% for 1GB models.

Sony is starting its digital music comeback tour in Japan: “Analysts say the staggered timing of the rollouts appears to reflect a strategy by Sony to use its home-court advantage in Japan, one of the world’s largest and most competitive markets, to hone its products and strategies before taking the fight to other countries.”

The NYPD is now podcasting. Newsday reports that the first podcast includes “information on street closings during the UN General Assembly meeting and interviews with a captain about identity theft, as well as with a chief sent to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.”

MacVroom has posted an article on how to make your own iPod nano sleeve out of a chomois cloth.

MacFixIt reports that some iPod nanos are being received DOA: “We’ve received a few reports of users taking delivery of out-of-the box non-functioning iPod nanos. This type of problem is typical for any large-scale manufacturing roll-out, though we are keeping a close watch for any potential trends.”

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