Mix: Tap Tap Dance, FluidTunes, Flickr, OSU

Tapulous, maker of the popular Tap Tap Revenge game for iPhone and iPod touch, has released Tap Tap Dance, a new music game. Tap Tap Dance requires players to tap on the screen in time to the beat of the song playing, like Tap Tap Revenge, but goes beyond the older title with new gameplay elements such as “tap-and-hold” and “multi-tap,” and is built upon a next-generation, 3D-capable graphics engine that offers an “interactive music video-like experience.” Tap Tap Dance is available now from the App Store and sells for $5.

Majic Jungle Software has released its new FluidTunes application for Mac OS X. FluidTunes uses the iSight camera built-in to most Macs to let the user control iTunes via a Cover Flow-like interface using only their hands. Users can swipe from left to right or vice-versa over the screen to scroll through their music, waving quickly at buttons or covers to activate them. FluidTunes is available as a free download and requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later.

Photo sharing service Flickr has launched an updated version of its iPhone-friendly mobile interface, adding the ability to view videos directly from the device. The new version of the interface, which is available at m.flickr.com, sports a new interface that makes it easier for users to view their photostreams, sets, and recent activity. In addition, it offers new capabilities such as adding contacts, favoriting images, and changing privacy and permission settings.

Spurred by Justin Harper, a third-year medical student, The Ohio State University College of Medicine has begun supplying all medical students with iPod touch units for educational purposes. “The iPod touch has the potential to positively impact both medical education and the care provided to patients at the bedside,” said Dr. Catherine Lucey, vice dean for education. “The personal digital assistant puts a wealth of information at the fingertips of our students. They can study when they want and where they want. If they are seeing a patient and a question arises, they can find the answer instantly, to share with them.” Over the next two years, each OSU medical student will receive an iPod touch, equipped with specific medical software programs planned by the OSU College of Medicine.

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