Mix: Teens and iPhone, Quake 3, SpeakerCraft, Play Touch

New research released by analyst group Piper Jaffray suggests that twice as many teens now own iPhones than in the fall. The survey of nearly 400 teenagers found about six percent were iPhone owners, with another nine percent planning to purchase one in the next sixth months. The survey also found overall use of MP3 players at a record 87 percent, with 86 percent of MP3 player owners saying they have at least one iPod.

A video posted to YouTube over the weekend showing two iPod touch units playing Quake 3 has been revealed as the work of independent video game developer HermitWorks. According to the developers, the game was ported to the platform as a “first step to getting our game Space Trader running on the iPod.” The company is currently using jailbroken units for development, but says it would “love to have [Space Trader] by June” for release through Apple’s App Store.

SpeakerCraft has announced the release of a new iPhone/iPod touch interface for its MODE multi-room A/V control system.

The interface, which is generated by an embedded web server running on the company’s ERS 1.0 adapter, allows the devices to be used as a wireless remote with control of all sources and routing. “The connection is very easy to set up and there is little or no additional programming required by the installer,” says Jason Craze, SpeakerCraft’s Director of Engineering. “A person can literally walk through their front door, press a single virtual button on the iPhone touch screen and have access to all of their system’s control functions.”

Play Touch Games is a new site offering different web-based games for the iPhone and iPod touch.