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The Institute for the Advancement of Musical Science has introduced the Professor Bocelli Rock My Teeth system, a new iPod-compatible teeth whitening system that uses the energy from ordered sound to enhance traditional teeth whitening. The system, which claims to make your teeth six shades whiter in one week, sells for $50. [via Yahoo! Tech]

According to a DigiTimes report, Apple may be eyeing Intel’s new Moorestown mobile internet device platform processor for use in a future iPhone model. The iPhone currently uses an ARM processor; the Moorestown platform is expected to launch in 2009.

A group of teens interviewed by the Telegraph claimed Apple was the brand they most wanted, mentioning the company’s iPods, MacBooks and iPhones. One student said simply, “It’s all about the iPod right now.”

Along with the announcement of new Zune models, Microsoft has also revealed that it will offer more than a million DRM-free tracks on its Zune Marketplace. Further details, such as file formats and available labels, are not yet known.

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