Mix: Thanko, Movie service, Fitchburg State, Volkswagen

Japanese manufacturer Thanko is selling a speaker made from an iPod box. It sells for ¥3,980 and is available as a 5G iPod or iPod nano box. [via Gizmodo]

Universal Pictures has launched a new service in the UK that will sell digital downloads of movies—one for a computer and one for a portable device—and a DVD that will arrive in the mail.
Fitchburg State College will use podcasts to alert its accepted students for the fall 2006 semester. “By the end of this month, more than 1,000 accepted freshmen will receive an e-mail that includes a link to an iTunes podcast that will feature Fitchburg State President Dr. Robert Antonucci telling them the good news,” the school said.

CNET News.com has a video review of new in-car technology from Volkswagen that offers a variety of interesting features, including an iPod dock and music playback.

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