Mix: The New Yorker, iTunes EU Music Sales, Back-to-School Promo, iPhone video downloads

The June 1, 2009 issue of The New Yorker includes a cover that was composed entirely on an iPhone. Jorge Columbo, a well-known New York artist composed the cover using the Brushes iPhone app in about an hour while discretely standing on 42nd Street with his iPhone. [via Engadget]

A report from Bloomberg indicates that Apple may begin selling digital music from iTunes throughout the 27 European Union nations, provided that the company can obtain licensing rights from the music industry. Currently, consumers in countries such as Poland, Bulgaria and Slovenia are unable to purchase digital music from any iTunes Store in Europe due to territorial restrictions on music licensing.

“iTunes would agree to consider making its content available to all European consumers, including those from the Eastern European countries where iTunes is currently not available” if Apple is “able to license rights on a multi- territorial basis from the publishers and collecting Societies,” Apple said in a report posted on the commission’s Web site today.

Reports are indicating that Apple may be launching its annual Back to School promotion as early as this week. In past years, Apple has offered a Back to School promotion throughout the summer, providing free or discounted iPods with the purchase of a new Mac. According to unconfirmed reports, Apple will again be offering the 8GB iPod nano and 8GB iPod touch as part of this promotion, however Apple is also rumored to be extending the offer to the 8GB iPhone as well.

iPhone customers would still be obligated to sign up for an iPhone contract, and it is unclear as to whether this offer would extend outside of the U.S. [via MacRumors].

The reports of a banner ad in a recent version of the Twitterfon application points to the possibility of Movie and TV Show downloads soon being available on the iPhone and iPod touch application. The ad in question allegedly linked to a page under construction on the iPhone’s iTunes Store app, providing a listing of movie and TV show content, none of which was yet actually available for download.