Mix: Tim Cook, Wikipod, Small Dog, File-sharing

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting profile of Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer and the man seen as succeeding Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “The difference in personalities between Messrs. Cook and Jobs has helped foster a solid working relationship between the two, people familiar with them say. While Mr.

Jobs is known to have a mercurial temper and a sharp tongue, Mr. Cook has the courtly demeanor of a Southern gentleman.”

Wikipod is a Perl script that loads a limited number of Wikipedia articles onto an iPod. “Wikipod starts from a Wikipedia page and traverses all the links it finds, downloading each page to the iPod,” explains the creator. “It will then traverse each link on the new pages, continuing this process until it finds no new links or has reached the size limit you specify.”
Small Dog Electronics, a long-time online Apple reseller, has opened a flagship retail store in Burlington, VT.

The 3700 sq. ft. store will feature a wide selection of new and certified refurbished Macs, software, iPods, and a complete line of iPod accessories. A fully Apple Authorized Service department is also on site to troubleshoot and repair Apple products.