Mix: Time, iTunes, FON, ChargeBox

Time Magazine has named the iPhone “Invention of the Year,” besting other advancements in science, robotics, and technology. “Intel’s 45-nanometer (parts for chips) – that’s a serious deal, but it’s a lot less glamorous than the iPhone even though it’s important,” said Lev Grossman, a Time staff writer. The article will appear in Friday’s issue.

New data from comScore shows that iTunes sales continue to grow. iTunes sales increased 85% in the first three quarters from the same period a year earlier, and dollars spent per iTunes transaction climbed 10% during that period. This goes against a recent figure from Forrester Research that said iTunes sales dropped 65% this year.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has met with Argentinian entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky to talk about his Wi-Fi sharing service FON. The meeting went well, the FON boss said, observing: “I really think Jobs liked the idea of FON. I think he loves the idea of a world where people share WiFi. That I could tell. I think he would like for there to be an opportunity for everyone to share WiFi.”

UK-based ChargeBox, which offers users a place to charge mobile phones and other devices while they are stored in a secure locker, has announced that it will be adding chargers for the iPhone to its locations to coincide with the device’s launch in the UK.

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