Mix: Top 100 apps, Black iPhone 3G, MEMS, iPod touch ad

Following recent posts from iPhone developers discussing the difficulty and financial importance of getting their applications on the App Store’s top paid applications list, Apple has expanded its listings to include Top 100 lists of both paid and free applications for each category in the App Store. Prior to this change, the store only offered Top 100 lists for all applications and for games. The new lists can be accessed from either side of each category’s main page on the App Store. [via Mac Rumors]

Deveres of London has begun offering its all black iPhone 3G. This unique customized iPhone features an electroplated deep gloss black bezel in place of the standard chrome, leaving black models entirely black. Customers can order an unlocked 16GB iPhone 3G with black bezel for £799, or roughly $1192, or can have the black bezel fitted to their current 3G for £299 (~$447). In addition, the company will also inset diamonds into the bezel; pricing on the diamond inset service is not available.

According to a DigiTimes report, Apple may be planning to add a MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) gyroscope to the iPhone next year. The addition of a MEMS gyroscope would offer more advanced motion-sensing than the current accelerometer found in the iPhone and iPod touch. Citing anonymous market sources, the report states that “smartphones launched by Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Motorola, LG Electronics, Sony Ericsson and Apple, are all expected to come with MEMS gyroscopes in 2009.” In addition, the sources claim the gyroscopes will account for roughly three percent of the entire smartphone production cost. [via Macworld UK]

Apple has launched a new immersive web advertisement for the second-generation iPod touch on Yahoo! Games. Based on the current iPod touch 2G television ad, the web spot moves beyond the borders of the advertisement area to cause the entire upper portion of the page to move in concert with the touch. A video of the new advertisement is available online. [via MDN]

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