Mix: Training wheels, CBS, iPDA, Hoodie

During a Q&A session following this morning’s “Mum” press event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a statement regarding the iPod touch. When CEO of O2 UK Matthew Key was asked whether he knew the iPod touch was coming during iPhone negotiations, he dodged the question, leading Jobs to comment: “Well, one’s a phone, and one’s not.

The iPod touch is training wheels for the iPhone.”

CBS has said it does not plan to fight Apple over iTunes pricing. “We’re sort of staying out of the battle,” CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves said at the Merrill Lynch Media & Entertainment conference.

“We like our relationship with iTunes.” He added, “We look at iTunes as much as a promotional vehicle for our shows as a financial vehicle.”

ZappTek, makers of iPod personal information transfer application iPDA, has posted a list of some of the issues it found in its testing of the iPod classic and third-generation iPod nano. Among the problems are missing fields in contact entries, incorrect display of notes in calendar events, and notes links behaving “strangely.”

ipodHoodies has announced the re-release of its extremely popular Bubblegum Pink Hoodie (£12) and Hoodie Nano (£10).