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Homade has introduced its iStereo speaker for iPod (pictured), which is modeled after Lego building blocks. The iStereo features an integrated iPod dock, two speakers in the unit’s top, and volume controls consistent with the block-inspired design. It is powered by three AA batteries, and is available now for $40. [via ShinyShiny]

Coolgorilla has launched its Talking iPod Phrase Books podcasts, which offer translation of English text into various languages such as French, German, and Italian. Each language translation pack offers 750-800 useful phrases, which can be accessed from any iPod. The language packs are available through iTunes; for iPhone and iPod touch users, the company offers an iPhone Translator web application as well.

JThink has released Jaikoz 2.3.0, a multi-platform metadata editing application for mp4, m4a, m4p, mp3, Flac and OggVorbis files. Jaikoz features the ability to automatically find and correct metatags, to automatically retrieve and add song lyrics, and the ability to update the iTunes database with changes made in Jaikoz. The application sells for £15, and runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

iViewr has announced its iPhone and iPod touch-based guide to next week’s CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany. The guide offers useful information for attendees, including keynote info, travel directions, disabled access details, and more. To access the guide, visit iviewr.com from an iPhone or iPod touch and tap on “Our Choice.”

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