Mix: UK iTMS, Snocap, Gruber, ASU, Pogue

Following a complaint from a consumer watchdog that the UK iTunes Music Store overcharges customers, the Office of Fair Trading has referred the issue to the European Commission.

Napster founder Shawn Fanning is touting a new technology called Snocap that is designed to help music companies cash in on peer-to-peer file sharing.

Mac pundit John Gruber has written an excellent piece on the rumored flash memory-based iPod. “If there is a flash memory iPod in the pipeline, the fact that it uses flash memory is the least interesting part of the story,” he concludes.

Arizona State University is offering free iPod minis to students applying for housing renewals at certain locations for next year. Eligible students must apply by 5 p.m. today.

This Sunday, Dec. 5, CBS News Sunday Morning will air a report by best-selling author and NY Times tech writer David Pogue on the culture of iPod Mania. Pogue won a 2004 Business Emmy just yesterday for his tech segments on the show.

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