Mix: V Festival, Auto dock, iPod art, Intel, Subway train

Motorola plans to debut the first iTunes-compatible mobile phone at the V Festival next month, the Sunday Telegraph reports. The music event is sponsored by Virgin Mobile, leading some to believe the carrier could be the first to offer the device.

Apple has reportedly filed a patent for a car iPod holder that’s described as an “apparatus that can secure an electronic device and be inserted into a conventional cup holder. The cup holder, for example, is inside of an automobile.”

iLounger Marie-Chantale Turgeon let us know about her terrific series of illustration/painting/collage inspired by the iPod.

In an article entitled “Inside the big switch: the iPod and the future of Apple,” Jon Stokes says that we can expect to see an Intel chip inside iPods, and that the long-rumored video iPod could be the first to use the processors. “The cold, hard reality here is that the Mac is Apple’s past and the iPod is Apple’s future,” he writes.

The Inquirer has photos of a subway train in Japan that has been completely wrapped in Apple’s colorful iPod silhouette ads.

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