Mix: Verizon, Remote interface, Roaming in Bermuda

Discussing Verizon’s second quarter financial results, COO Denny Strigl said it was seeing minimal impact from the launch of the iPhone 3G. The AP reports that Strigl said Verizon was seeing what it believes to be a “minimal short-term impact” in customer flow due to the iPhone 3G, adding that the effect looks small compared to the overall size of Verizon Wireless, and suggesting that most new iPhone customers switching to AT&T are coming from other carriers, such as Sprint.

The iPhone/iPod touch Remote application has a better interface than the iPhone’s own built-in iPod app, according to a recent blog post. In the post, the author argues that the addition of item counts and icons to the Playlist view, artist names and scrolling dots when viewing a selected playlist, and the search function are all improvements over the iPhone and iPod touch’s more minimalist iPod interface. [via DF]

An iLounge forum thread dating back to February is highly suggested for readers planning to travel to the Bahamas with their iPhones. Reader iScottL reported having nearly $3,000 in roaming charges, despite having data roaming turned off. According to reader Doug Toombs, there is a carrier in Bermuda that uses the 310 Mobile Country Code, which is actually the code for the U.S. This causes the iPhone to read “AT&T” and to override any data roaming settings, since the phone believes it is on a U.S. network. Toombs’ report confirms that this issue has continued to exist in Bermuda through this month. Until the situation is resolved, iLounge recommends that all U.S. readers who have an iPhone through AT&T put the device into Airplane Mode if they are in Bermuda.

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