Mix: Verizon, XVIII case, A4 teardown, Eos sale

Speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations, Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg said the company has told Apple it wants to carry the iPhone. According to the Associated Press, Seidenberg cited a recent report that Apple was working on a CDMA version of the iPhone, but stopped short of confirming a deal or offering any further details.

XVIII Limited has introduced its Apple iPhone Case. Available in either crocodile or ostrich, the sleeve-like case offers a variety of exterior colors and floral silk lining. XVIII’s Apple iPhone Case in crocodile or ostrich is available now and sells for $150 or $120, respectively.

iFixit, with the help of Chipworks, has provided a teardown of the Apple A4 processor that powers the iPad. According to the teardown, the A4 uses package-on-package construction for improved speed and efficiency, and features two layers of RAM; notably, there was no Samsung part number found on the processor die as has been found on each past iPhone processor, which iFixit claims is “perhaps the clearest sign to date that Apple is in firm control of the semiconductor design.”

IntelliTouch is offering a one-week only 25% discount on all its Eos Wireless audio products, including several solutions for the iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC. To take advantage of the discount, enter the code “redtag” during checkout. The offer will expire on April 12.

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