Mix: Walkman, TiltShift, Krazy Kart, Modern Combat

Sony’s Walkman portable media player outsold the iPod in Japan last week, the first time in over two years a competing player has grabbed the top spot, according to new data from research firm BNC. Bloomberg reports that Sony’s share of the market for the week ending August 30 was 43%, just inching out Apple, which accounted for 42.1%. BNC notes that the iPhone cannibalized some iPod sales, but isn’t included in the survey because it is also a mobile phone. Apple had held the market share lead in Japan since January of 2005.

Takayuki Fukatsu has released TiltShift Generator, his latest photo application for the iPhone. TiltShift Generator allows users to take new photos or edit existing pictures and add effects that make the scene look like a miniature—a photographic technique that traditionally requires a tilt-shift lens. In addition to blur and vignetting effects, users can also edit the saturation, brightness, and contrast of photos loaded into the program. TiltShift Generator is available now from the App Store and is priced at $1 for the next two weeks, when it will rise to $3.

Konami has introduced Krazy Kart Racers, its latest game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Krazy Kart Racers is a Mario Kart-style go-kart racing game, featuring 10 well-known Konami characters as drivers, 16 different race tracks, five single player modes, and six-player local or online Wi-Fi multiplayer modes. Krazy Kart Racers sells for $8.

Gameloft has released Modern Combat: Sandstorm, its newest title for the iPhone and iPod touch.