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FutureTap has announced that its popular WhereTo? GPS points of interest app now integrates with NAVIGON’s MobileNavigator application on the iPhone. The MobileNavigator app can now be started directly from WhereTo? to provide users with turn-by-turn navigation directions to any chosen point of interest. WhereTo? is the first application to provide integration with MobileNavigator and provides an example of the ability of different applications on the iPhone to seamlessly interact with each other. In addition to MobileNavigator support, WhereTo? 2.5 also provides new features such as free search, more customization options and full VoiceOver support. WhereTo? is available on the App Store for $3.

FileMaker announced today that it has sold over 100,000 copies of its Bento for iPhone and iPod touch app, placing it amongst the most popular productivity apps on the App Store. Bento for iPhone is a database application which leverages features of the iPhone to provide fast and effective access to both lookup and update database information on the go and provides wireless synchronization with the Mac version of Bento on the desktop. Bento for iPhone can also be used as a standalone application for users without Bento on the Mac. Bento sells for $5 and is available on the App Store.

Nuance Communications has announced that its speech-to-text Dragon Dictaton application is now available for the iPhone. Dragon Dictation allows users to speak e-mails and text messages instead of typing them, and also works with the iPhone clipboard to allow users to speak text that can then be pasted into any other iPhone application such as Facebook or Twitter. Dragon Dictation performs its text-to-speech conversion using the well-known Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition technology rather than relying on human transcription, and is capable of handling longer sequences of spoken text, allowing users to compose even multi-paragraph e-mails by speech recognition. Dragon Dictation is available for free on the U.S. App Store for a limited time. Nuance is currently developing their regional roll out plans and hopes to have the app available in other countries soon.

PhatWare Corporation announced today the release of the iPhone version of its popular PhatNotes note organizer application, bringing many of the capabilities of its popular Windows Mobile version to the iPhone platform. PhatNotes for iPhone is the first notes editor for the iPhone to offer both handwriting recognition and keyboard entry modes as well as advanced note editing features such as shorthand, customizable auto-correction, user dictionary spell checking support. PhatNotes for the iPhone also features advanced text searching and note filtering capabilities, reminders and hyperlinks between notes and synchronization with the separate PhatNotes Desktop software application for Windows. PhatNotes for iPhone sells for $10 and is available from the App Store. The companion PhatNotes desktop application is sold separately and available from the developer’s web site; a trial version of the desktop application is also available.


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