Mix: Wood iPod, iPod flea, Big media, RSS backlash


Joshua Driggs has constructed a terrific replacement iPod faceplate out of African Padauk wood. He has posted several photos of the “wooden iPod” and explained the building process.

Scott Kelby and his KW Media staff have created a hilarious Apple parody video for a super tiny iPod called the “iPod flea.”

The New York Times has an article on the mainstream media adopting podcasting. “The ruling media elite are quickly adopting the methodology and technology of the insurgency, attempting to co-opt something that was meant to tip them over. This time, the revolution will be televised, broadcast and published.”

With Apple’s leap into podcasting, “leaders in the RSS community, including the standard’s own creator, are taking Apple to task for developing an ill-advised DTD without seeking input and guidance from the community.”

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