Mix: Yahoo, Apple TV voice command, iPod camera, 16GB iPhone EOL


Following in the steps of Google’s Mobile app, Yahoo! has now also added its own voice-enabled search program to its iPhone app. Yahoo’s “oneSearch” voice navigation has already been available on Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Mobile phones for some time now. The new Yahoo! app with voice search is available now as a free download from the iTunes App Store.
[via The New York Times]

MacNN reports that Apple may be looking to add voice command technology into a future-generation Apple TV based on a recent patent application titled context-aware unit selection which describes a pointing device associated with a computer dubbed a “Web TV” system. The remote would contain an embedded microphone capable of accepting voice commands.

According to a post from Seth Weintraub at Computerworld, Apple may be making preparations to include a camera in the next-generation iPod touch or similar device.  Digitimes reports that OmniVision has received orders from Apple for both 3.2 and 5 megapixel image sensors. While the 3.2MP sensors are commonly believed to be for the next-generation iPhone, the higher-resolution 5MP sensors are reportedly to be used for “another Apple product expected to be launched later in the year.”  It is unclear whether this future Apple product would be the next-generation iPod touch or some other type of device, such as the oft-rumored “iTablet.”  [via MacDailyNews]

MacTalk Australia reports that Vodafone Australia has apparently sent out an e-mail to its retail staff notifying them that the 16GB iPhone has been marked as “End of Life” by their iPhone supplier, Brightpoint. They go on to note that this announcement applies only to the 16GB model, and not the 8GB model, suggesting that there either may be a surplus stock of 8GB models or that Apple may retain an 8GB model as a “value option.”


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