Mix: Yahoo on iPhone, AT&T switch, Zune HD, Wireless Sync

According to a recent report, Yahoo is scaling down its smartphone application development to focus more on applications for the iPhone. Beta testers of Yahoo’s Java-based mobile app reportedly received an e-mail this week stating that Yahoo has “ceased development” of that application and that the company will “focus efforts on the newly launched Yahoo Mobile experience for browsers and for the iPhone.”

AppleInsider reports that the iPhone has been a significant factor in encouraging many new customers to sign up for AT&T, now believed to be attracting a “full third of those switching providers towards AT&T.” Of the 13 percent of those surveyed who indicated that they were looking to leave their existing cellular providers, 33% indicated that they would move to AT&T when the time comes, versus 24 percent toward Verizon.

Microsoft has officially announced the Zune HD for a Fall release.

The new device is positioned as a competitor to the iPod touch, and will include a 3.3-inch 480 x 272 OLED capacitive touchscreen display, built-in HD radio receiver, and HD video output via a dock. The device is reported to use a full multi-touch interface similar to that found on the iPod touch. Other details such as pricing and storage capacities have not yet been announced.

[via Engadget]

Ex-hacker “DVD Jon” Johansen, best known for breaking the copy-protection on DVDs recently stated that his new firm DoubleTwist will be working to provide wireless synchronization for the iPod as well as developing a way to sell applications without going through Apple. It is unclear which particular models of iPod he is referring to and seems likely that these solutions would be implemented outside of Apple’s normal channels, without Apple’s blessing.