Mix: Yahoo/SanDisk, iSongBook, Digital Jewel Box, Soldier

Yahoo and SanDisk have teamed up to launch the Sansa Connect, a $250 portable media device that allows users to download songs wirelessly from the Yahoo music store via Wi-Fi.

Tivoli teamed up with Anthropologie to create a limited edition iSongBook in a floral pattern. Priced at $350, the portable audio system offers the same features as the original iSongBook.

Ironic Sans has come up with a interesting Digital Jewel Box concept. “Here’s how it would work: The DJB sits next to your stereo or computer in its charging dock. Similar to a digital picture frame, it syncs wirelessly to your home network via WiFi, syncing itself with iTunes or whatever digital player you use.

When a new song comes on, the DJB’s screen shows the album cover art for that song.”

The U.S. Army soldier “saved by his iPod” in Iraq was actually saved by his body armor, though the iPod did take the initial impact from the bullet. According to Havanalion.com, the soldier didn’t even know he was shot until he tried to play his iPod later in the day and found the bullet hole.