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Yamaha has released its YDS-11SL iPod Dock for select Yamaha AV Products. The Made for iPod-certified YDS-11SL features a Universal Dock that lets users connect the iPod to certain Yamaha products, allowing for on-screen navigation on some models, iPod charging, and the ability to control the iPod from the product’s remote control. It is available now for $100.

A new feature has been discovered in Apple’s Remote application for iPhone and iPod touch. When the application is open and connected to an Apple TV, anytime the user needs to enter information using the on-screen keyboard, a keyboard also appears in the Remote application, allowing the user to quickly enter information using the iPhone or iPod touch. [via DF]

A first-generation iPhone owner has successfully modified a Dual Dock for iPhone and the iPhone Bluetooth Headset for compatibility with the iPhone 3G. According to a rough translation, the user said, “I was lucky to get an iPhone 3G 16 GB last Thursday. As I could not find any dock for the iPhone 3G, I took my Dremel and decided to modify the dock shipping with the Bluetooth iPhone headset. Once polished, it looks like brand new and clean, and this is a substantial money saving[s].”

Apple “totally underestimated” demand for the iPhone 3G in Germany, according to a report in German magazine Focus. Citing an unnamed Apple manager, the report says that T-Mobile expected to receive 40,000 iPhone 3Gs from Apple for the July 11 launch, but less than half that number actually reached shops. The report suggests that it may take until early October until shops in Germany are restocked.

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